Welcome to Svaliava

Dear Guests!

Welcome to our picturesque Svalyava, a city with charming resorts, and recreational areas, and is thought to be one of the most beautiful corners of Ukraine, scattered along a valley in the Ukrainian Carpathians, where mountains roll into river valleys, Svalyava is surrounded by colorful forests and mountains. The highest peak in the surrounding mountains is the majestic Stoy (1677m). It protects Svalyava from the northern winds, but from the south plenty of sunlight shines through freely. From these mountains, crystal springs run into fast running waters, and Svalyava is situated on the banks of two rivers, the Svalyavka and the Latoritsa, and not far from the town there are two additional tributaries, the Vicha and the Pinya. These local water sources create an abundant source of fresh, clean water.

Situated in this beautiful mountain view, historical Svalyava can be seen with its cobblestone streets, high buildings and private houses, surrounded by rich green parks.

The geographic location of Svalyava is advantageous, and allows for easy access from many international and domestic locations.

Situated close to the geographic center of Europe, Svalyava is a junction of international motorways, and railways. Oil, gas, and electricity lines are also easily accessed in the area. The location of Svalyava also provides a mild temperate-continental climate. All of these factors, including our natural, mineral water springs, support steadily growing city.

More than 100 deposits of Zakarpattya mineral water are found in the local area. Situated at these crystal spring sources are well-known resorts and spa- centers, where our famous water is bottled and shipped throughout Ukraine and exported internationally. From different corners of Ukraine and abroad, people come to Svalyava for the healing properties of our local water, fable to the mythical Fountain of Youth. This local enterprise is supported by our local government, which takes great strides in developing medical, tourist, and recreational centers in our area, and always welcomes native and foreign investors for its development.

Svalyava is a reliable partner, always keeping in good relations with its local merchants and strives to cooperate on mutual advantages in different spheres. Svalyavas industrial sphere is the most developed of all local enterprises, particularly the timber, textiles, and food processing industries.

According to the General Scheme of Planning and Territorial Divisions of Ukraine from 2002. Svalyava was established as a zone for recreation and leisure, and with its unique hydro-mineral base, Svalyava is a recreational center for Ukraine. Today, our local authorities are currently designing projects for the on-going of Ukraine, with a focus on the next 20 years. These projects include plans to boost local enterprises, transport, tourism, and recreational complexes. So, there are many opportunities for investors and merchants looking for a new growing market.

Just by visiting Svalyava, one can see evidence of a growing and bustling city. Our local people are kind and hospitable are look forward to working with our guests and friends.

Our local authorities are always ready to support new ideas and investors.

So, welcome, our friends, to Svalyava.

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